Elyse Fitzpatrick shows us how 

to better search and know our hearts, long for our gracious Savior, and resist and crush our false gods.

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 FREE Devotional from Elyse Fitzpatrick

Get ready to study your heart!

"Elyse explains how the idols in our hearts compete with our affections for God. 

In a gentle way, she tells you how 

by God's grace to turn from your idols 

to a wholehearted love for God." 

—Martha Peace, The Excellent Wife

In This Devotional You'll Learn

The 3 facets of your heart - from Scripture

How your "heart disease" keeps you from obeying God.

Your best medicine to fight against sin in your heart.

Where is God's grace when he feels so far away? 

Can God still use a sinner like me?

Elyse holds a certificate in biblical counseling from CCEF (San Diego) 

and an M.A. in Biblical Counseling 

from Trinity Theological Seminary. 

She has authored 21 books on daily 

living and the Christian life.

A frequent speaker at women’s conferences, she has been married 

for nearly 40 years and has three 

adult children and six really adorable grandchildren.

Elyse Fitzpatrick